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Well, it’s time for part two of our very exciting parasite control blog!  I know everyone has been biting their nails in anticipation of this next installment.  Last week, we went over the how’s and why’s of the parasite resistance problem.  We know this problem exists, at least on some farms.  We also think we know why this problem developed.  If you haven’t checked out our previous entry, part one of this blog – please read that first.  
So, how do we reduce parasite resistance to deworming medication?  
Lately, it must seem to horse owners that vets have become slightly obsessed with manure.  Okay, we’re horse vets, so we’ve always been a little obsessed with manure.  But what’s all this fuss about poop?  Fecal egg counts, sand tests… why do we want to inspect your horse’s manure so thoroughly?

In recent years, one hot topic among equine veterinarians is parasite resistance; that is, the development of parasites which resist being killed by the deworming medication given to a horse.  We think we know what’s causing it.  But first, let’s back up…  
The weather is getting cooler, the humidity has dropped, the leaves are starting to change – it’s a beautiful time of year to live in New England. Fall can also bring wide swings in temperature (like the warm weather we enjoyed this weekend!), as“Indian Summer” days are interspersed with frosts. This time of year can be wonderful when enjoyed from the back of your favorite horse. However, some of the things that we love about fall can cause abdominal upset (known as “colic”)to be more common in our equine companions. Why does this happen, and what can we do to prevent it?
Hi there!  Dr. Leighton here, introducing the newest feature to our ever-changing website: our blog! 

So, why a blog?  We'd like this space to become a conversation between the vets of TPE and our clients.  We'll talk about hot topics in veterinary medicine, common diseases and treatments, stories from our days on the road, and other aspects of our practice.  In return, please feel free to leave comments or suggestions on topics you'd like to see featured.  

This website is designed to grow with our practice, and this blog is no exception.  Check back often for new posts and updates!  We look forward to "seeing" you here as well as in the barns.     

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